The association "The Descendants of Louis Pinard" appealed to all to enrich the genealogical database of the descendants of Louis Pinard.

Do you know that amateur genealogists have more difficulties in their quest for information?

Indeed, the registration of births, marriages, burials is now the civilian sector. Gone are the days where you could find the information in parishes or in the parish registers.

Be the family's reference.

Compile the places and dates of birth, baptism, marriage, cohabitation, divorce, death, burial ... of those around you.

Trust us with this data.

And future generations interested in genealogy will have a reliable source to track Pinard, Beauchemin, Fleurent, Florent, Lauzier, Lauzière, Raîche ...

Currently, the Association of Descendants of Louis Pinard has a database containing over 43,500 names.

From the coordinates of your grandparents, the bank can draw a line upward to our common ancestor "Louis Pinard" and to connect up to two previous generations of Pinard in France.

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To see three generations of the two marriages of Louis Pinard, click on the link below.

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