The main vehicle of communication between the Descendants of Louis Pinard inc. and its members is the journal The Pinardière. It exists since January 1980 and by its contents, this newsletter is informative, historical and genealogical.

Initially, this review was published only two (2) times per year and very quickly, it has reached to the members 4 times per year.



We had for many years a website that allowed Beauchemin, Fleurent, Florent, Lauzier, Lauzière, Pinard, Raîche and families associated to have access to the history of their ancestors.

Today we are pleased to introduce our new website updated and modernized. This is a new door on the history of your association and is now available worldwide via the search engines.

This new site is very comprehensive. In another, you will know «ABOUT US?», «WHAT WE DO . . .» and «WHAT CAN WE DO TOGETHER?».

So around the world, Pinard ... and associated families have access to the history of the association, the By Law and stories illustrated with past activities..

Visit our website thoroughly to learn more about the past, present and future of "The Descendants of Louis Pinard inc."