Committee of the dictionary

At the regular meeting of April 20th 2010 of the Board of Directors of the Association of Descendants of Louis Pinard, Ms. Jeanne Saint-Cyr was appointed head of the working committee to produce a genealogical dictionary.

Mrs. St. Cyr is a member of the Association of Descendants of Louis Pinard (# 1076). She is a member of the French-Canadian Genealogical Society where she is one of the volunteers that guide researchers. She is a member of the Club of Palaeography.

She has added two other members of the association in order to assist in its work. These are Mrs. Andrée Champagne Freund (# 589) and Mrs. Cécile Taillon (# 983).

The type of genealogical dictionary will be the model "Audet-Lapointe" based on generations as opposed to the model based on alphabetical order. This choice was guided by the fact that the family has several patronyms such as Beauchemin, Fleurant, Fleurent, Florent, Lauzier, Lauzière, Pinard, Raîche, etc.

Good work to our committee.


Cécile                       Jeanne                               Andrée