We aim to expand our family needs your help. Our quest for the history of our ancestors requires the sharing of our memories or privileged information.

We need you . . . 

Let us know the existence of your research and personal achievements or other documents that may interest the members of our family.

Are there good reasons that members of "The Descendants of Louis Pinard" visit your region and on what occasion? Do you have cultural and social activities to suggest to the Association?

How ?

There are two ways to update this collaboration:

1 - It's becoming a member of our association, which brings many benefits, including:

The reception, four times a year, the magazine "La Pinardière";

A letter of information to members as required;

Participation in cultural, social and regional activities;

A link from our site to your personal Web page;

Full right to examine the Association and its development;

The right to publish a short biography for your personal posterity;

The possibility of negotiating a sponsorship space for your business (business card);

In addition, your membership in the Association will help fund our operations research and management operations;

Membership Form to print and mail it with your contribution;

2 - You have or you know someone who has a passion for genealogy, history or heritage, come to fulfillment in the work within a team full of energy.

Bulletin de mise en candidature to print, complete, sign and mail it to the address on the form.